UKRR linkage supports reporting of COVID-19 infections and vaccinations

The UK Renal Registry has been mandated by the Clinical Reference Group (CRG) and NHS England to collect patient identifiers from renal centres in England. The information will be used for linkage with the COVID-19 database at NHS Digital for regular reporting of COVID-19 infections and vaccinations. With the support of NHS England, we are now asking all renal centres to submit an extract of patient identifiers for all CKD patients under the care of your renal centre.

The extract could be taken any time in December 2021 up to 15 January 2022 and should include the following information:

• NHS number
• Date of birth (DoB)
• Renal status or treatment modality (as at date of extract)
• Ethnicity (if at all possible)

This information will be used to determine the denominator for all CKD patients to report COVID-19 rates in CKD patients and to enable linkage to other databases for COVID-19 infections and vaccination information.

Format of the data submission:

NHS number       

DoB (dd/mm/yyyy)       

Renal status1 (ICHD, HHD, PD, Tx, CKD, AKI) or treatment modality codes       

Ethnicity (Asian, Black, White, Other) or ethnicity codes       





1 Renal status at date of extract
ICHD=in-centre HD, HHD=home HD, PD=peritoneal dialysis, Tx=Transplant, CKD=Chronic Kidney Disease, AKI=dialysed acute kidney injury

We recommend that your normal Data Manager leads on this data submission. Returns should be submitted securely to

The preferred subject header is “CKD 2021 data”. We welcome the files with the four data items listed above as soon as possible (including before Christmas) to allow us to start processing, but understand the pressure the service is under. The final deadline is in one month’s time on 15 January 2022 – after which we will use the files we have received for linkage.

If you have any questions relating to this request, then please contact Fran Benoy-Deeney at


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