Guidelines & commentaries

We have been producing clinical practice guidance on the management of patients with kidney disease since 1995.

The guidelines are not funded by any external organisation, commercial company or charity. The guidelines have been accredited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The accreditation is valid until December 2023. This ensures that the Guidelines themselves will automatically be NICE accredited, providing they follow the processes laid out in the Clinical Practice Guideline Development Manual.

NICE Accreditation helps health and social care professionals identify the most robustly produced guidance available, enabling them to deliver high quality care.

Our Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) committee have produced a Strategy Document to plan their work.


Dr James Burton (consultant nephrologist, co-chair)

Katie Fielding (clinical doctoral research fellow, co-chair)

Dr Katie Vinen (consultant nephrologist)

Dr Andrew Frankel (consultant nephrologist)

Wilfredo Manuel (nurse specialist)

Dr Matko Marlais (consultant paediatric nephrologist)

Dr Evgenia Preka (paediatric nephrologist)

Dr Jemima Scott (clinical trainee)

Kathrine Parker (renal pharmacist)

Dr Mark Devonald (consultant nephrologist)

Dr Ellie Asgari (consultant nephrologist)

Dr Ross Shearer (clinical psychologist)


Recent Guidelines

Sodium-Glucose Co-transporter-2 (SGLT-2) Inhibition in Adults with Kidney Disease 2023 Update - available here in the new interactive guideline format!


Vascular Access for Haemodialysis - 2023 update available here

Title Authors Publication Date Review Date
Commentary on the NICE Guideline on RRT and conservative management Kunaal Kharbanda, Osasuyi Iyasere, Fergus Caskey, Matko Marlais, Sandip Mitra 2020 March 2025
Standardisation of immunosuppressive and anti-infective drug regimens in UK Paediatric Renal transplantation: The Harmonisation Programme Jan Dudley, Stephen Marks, Martin Christian, Alice Andrews, Nicola Andrews, Julie Baker, Sheila Boyle, Mairead Convery, Fiona Gamston, Martin Garcia, Shuman Haq, Shivram Hegde, Richard Holt, Helen Jones, Shakeeb Khan, Jennifer McCaughan, David Milford, Charlie Pickles, Ben Reynolds, Vijaya Sathyanarayana, Jelena Stojanovic, Yincent Tse, Dean Wallace, Grainne Walsh, Nick Ware, Alun Williams, Pallavi Yadav 2020 May 2025
Commentary on the NICE COVID-19 rapid guideline: dialysis service delivery Michael Robson, James Burton, Sharlene Greenwood, Karen Jenkins, Maarten Taal 2020 March
Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Suren Kanagasundaram, Caroline Ashley, Sheetal Bhojani, Alma Caldwell, Timothy Ellam, Amrit Kaur, David Milford, Chris Mulgrew, Marlies Ostermann 2019 August 2024
Anaemia of chronic kidney disease - updated Feb 2020 Ashraf Mikhail, Christopher Brown, Jennifer Ann Williams, Vinod Mathrani, Rajesh Shrivastava, Jonathan Evans, Hayleigh Isaac, Sunil Bhandari & Owain Brooks 2017 June 2022
Commentary on the KDIGO Guideline on the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention and Treatment of CKD-MBD James Burton, David Goldsmith, Nicki Ruddock, Rukshana Shroff & Mandy Wan 2018 June 2023
Commentary on the NICE Guideline on Tolvaptan for treating autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Albet CM Ong, Caroline Ashley, Tess Harris, Richard Sandford, John A Sayer, Roslyn J Simms & Grahame Wood 2016 June 2023
Haemodialysis Damien Ashby, Natalie Borman, James Burton, Richard Corbett, Andrew Davenport, Ken Farrington, Katey Flowers, James Fotheringham, Andrea Fox, Gail Franklin, Claire Gardiner, Martin Gerrish, Sharlene Greenwood, Daljit Hothi, Abdul Khares, Pelagia Koufaki, Jeremy Levy, Elizabeth Lindley, Jamie Macdonald, Bruno Mafrici, Sandip Mitra, Andrew Mooney, James Tattersall, Kay Tyerman, Enric Villar & Marin Wilkie 2019 July 2024
Living donor kidney transplantation Peter Andrews & Lisa Burnapp 2018 March 2023
Management of Blood Borne Viruses within the Haemodialysis Unit Elizabeth Garthwaite, Veena Reddy, Sam Douthwaite, Simon Lines, Kay Tyerman & James Eccles 2019 June 2024
Monitoring children and young people with, or at risk of developing Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) Jan Dudley, Paul Winyard, Matko Marlais, Oliver Cuthell, Tess Harris, Jiehan Chong, John Sayer, Daniel P Gale, Lucy Moore, Kay Turner, Sarah Burrows & Richard Sandford 2018 November 2023
Peritoneal Dialysis in Adults and Children Graham Woodrow, Stanley Fan, Christopher Reid, Jeannette Denning & Andrew Neil Pyrah 2017 June 2022
Post-Operative Care in the Kidney Transplant Recipient Richard Baker, Patrick Mark, Rajan Patel, Kate Stevens & Nicholas Palmer 2017 February 2022
Pregnancy and Renal Disease Kate Wiles, Lucy Chappell, Katherine Clark, Louise Elman, Matt Hall, Liz Lightstone, Germin Mohamed, Durba Mukherjee, Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Philip Webster, Rebecca Whybrow & Kate Bramham 2019 September 2024
Undernutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease Mark Wright, Elizabeth Southcott, Helen MacLaughlin, Stuart Wineberg 2019 June 2024
Renal Replacement Therapy for Critically Unwell Adult Patients: Guidelines for best practice and service resilience during COVID-19 Professor Paul Cockwell, Dr Jon Murray, Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam and 51 others 2020 October 2020
Treatment of acute hyperkalaemia in adults Dr Annette Alfonzo, Dr Alexander Harrison, Dr Richard Baines, Dr Ann Chu, Mr Simon Mann, Mr Murdoch MacRury 2020 July 2025
Treatment of acute hyperkalaemia in adults: Hyperkalaemia algorithm - community 2020 July 2025
Treatment of acute hyperkalaemia in adults: hyperkalaemia algorithm - hospital 2020 July 2025
Treatment of acute hyperkalaemia in adults: hyperkalaemia algorithm - cardiac arrest 2020 July 2025
Commentary on NICE guideline (NG136) ‘Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management’ including proposals for blood pressure management in patients with chronic kidney disease with a brief commentary on KDIGO Guideline for BP Management 2021 Dr Richard Fish, Dr Nihil Chitalia, Dr Timothy Doulton, Ms Katie Durman, Ms Elizabeth Lamerton, Dr Eirini Lioudaki, Dr Adam MacDiarmaid-Gordon, Professor Patrick Mark, Dr Laura Ratcliffe, Dr Charlie Tomson, Professor Indranil Dasgupta 2021 December 2027
Exercise and Lifestyle in Chronic Kidney Disease Dr Luke A Baker, Dr Daniel S March, Dr Thomas J Wilkinson, Miss Rosanne E Billany, Prof Nicolette C Bishop, Mrs Ellen M Castle, Dr Joseph Chilcot, Dr Mark D Davies, Dr Matthew P M Graham-Brown, Dr Sharlene A Greenwood, Dr Naushad A Junglee, Dr Archontissa M Kanavaki, Dr Courtney J Lightfoot, Dr Jamie H Macdonald, Dr Gabriella M K Rossetti, Prof. Alice C Smith, Prof James O Burton Professor of Renal Medicine and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist, University of Leicester and Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust 2021 April 2026
Commentary on the NICE Guideline on 'Renal and ureteric stones: assessment and management' John Sayer, John Stoves, James Forster, Simon Moore, Stephen Walsh 2021 April 2026
Guideline on water treatment systems, dialysis water and dialysis fluid quality for haemodialysis and related therapies Nicholas A Hoenich, Robert Mactier, Ian Morgan, Gerard Boyle, David Croft, Paul Rylance, Clive Thompson 2016 January 2020
Peritoneal Access and Commentary on the 2019 (ISPD) Update for the Creating and Maintaining Optimal Peritoneal Dialysis Access Bhrigu Raj Sood, Nicos Kessaris, Chris Reid, Elaine Bowes, Hugh Cairns 2022 May 2026
Vascular Access for Haemodialysis Emma Aitken, Hameed Ashby, Damien Ashby, Wayne Barrow, Francis Calder, Brett Dowds, Catherine Feilding, James Gilbert, Rob Jones, Narayan Karunanithy, Zaib Khawaja, Emma Roberts, Mike Robson, Rukshana Shroff, Hannah Stacey, Peter Thomson, Dan Waters 2023 April 2028


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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24th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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