RaDaR database

The National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR) was set up with funding from Kidney Care UK and Kidney Research UK and is supported and coordinated by the UK Kidney Association. There are 109 NHS sites contributing to RaDaR, which include all UK adult and paediatric renal centres and a number of hospitals with no renal centre, where patients are seen by a visiting nephrologist. To date, 32,924 UK patients have been recruited (up to March 2024). 

RaDaR focuses specifically on rare renal conditions and holds detailed information on people with these conditions, including where they live, what treatment they are receiving, relevant blood and imaging results and how they are responding to treatment. More information about each condition and RaDaR recruitment is on the Rare Renal microsite.

A downloadable list of conditions is available here (soon to be updated).

The tables and fields that are available for each cohort can be downloaded in an Excel file directly by clicking the link below:

RaDaR Data Dictionary Version 1.2 (new version to be released soon)

File will be downloaded to your “downloads” folder




NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

Available here

25th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

Read the report

2022 UKRR AKI Report

A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

Read the report