NEPHwork is an SpR driven national SpR audit and research network supported by the UK Kidney Association.

Its aim is to develop, coordinate and deliver simple audit and research projects on a national scale by coordinating the activity of a large number of renal trainees. Kidney Research UK also provides financial support.

The first NEPHwork project is the National AKI Audit

An audit of care quality in the identification and management of AKI stages 2 and 3 in acute NHS trusts in England and Wales in 2019.

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National AKI Audit 

The audit went live from the 1st December 2020 to the 31st January 2021 - see details here.

64 SpRs from acute trusts across England and Wales signed up to participate - see list of participants.

Benefits to SpRs

All contributors to NEPHwork projects will be listed on relevant web pages and authorship of all publications and presentations will be published on behalf of NEPHwork, so all contributors are equally represented and all can cite outputs as publications to which they have contributed. This is a great opportunity for trainees and trusts to be involved in national audit and we anticipate the results having a significant impact on the way services are developed and delivered, with the opportunity to link to future research and quality improvement.

For any questions about NEPHwork or support with the National AKI Audit, please contact


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

Available here

25th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

Read the report

2022 UKRR AKI Report

A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

Read the report