Sustainable Kidney Care Committee


We, as a kidney community of patients, healthcare professionals and industry partners recognise the environmental damage associated with the delivery of kidney care and our responsibility to future patients to leave resilient and sustainable services on a liveable planet.

The Sustainable Kidney Care committee has been set up as a partnership between the UKKA, the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, to radically reduce this damage, with high level targets now established for both decarbonization and the reduction of other environmental impacts of UK kidney care (see figure 1).

Figure 1. High level targets

These targets are to be achieved through the work of three separate workstreams and with annualised goals, as shown, below:

June 2023 goals

  1. Develop and disseminate guide to high impact sustainability actions (workstream 1)

  2. Develop and disseminate a metrics package for renal service water & energy use, and waste production (workstream 3)

  3. Establish an industry liaison group (workstream 2)

  4. Develop collaborative procurement templates for high impact components of the in-centre haemodialysis care pathway (workstream 2)



Suren Kanagasundaram (Clinical Co-chair)
Rona Hutton (Multiprofessional Co-chair)

  • Frances Mortimer (The Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare)

  • Fiona Adshead (Chair, Sustainable Healthcare Coalition)

  • Ron Cullen (UK Renal Registry)

  • Chris Stait (Patient representation - including links to National Kidney Federation and Kidney Care UK)

  • Eleanor Murray, Clinical Research Fellow (SpR - link to the Renal SpR Club)

  • Stephen Palmer (Renal technologist - link to the ART)

  • Keith Channing (Renal technology - link to the ART)

  • Emily Horwill (Renal pharmacist - link to the Renal Pharmacy group)

  • Rona Hutton (Renal nurse - link to ANN-UK)

  • Shazia Adalat (Paediatric nephrologist - link to BAPN)  

  • Jo Pywell (UK Kidney Research Consortium)

  • Vacant (Renal dietitian  - link to Renal Nutrition Specialist Group)

Mark Harber, Frances Mortimer (Workstream leads - Action learning and education)
Suren Kanagasundaram (Workstream lead - Procurement, infrastructure and innovation)
Mark Wright (Workstream lead - Sustainable Care Pathways, standards and metrics)

Manraj Phull (Greener NHS representation)


Terms of Reference

Committee Meeting 13 April 2022

Committee Meeting 16 February 2022

Committee Meeting 23 November 2021

Committee Meeting 20 October 2021

Committee Meeting 21 July 2021

Committee Workshop 23 June 2021

Committee Meeting 19 May 2021

Committee Meeting 29 March 2021



Workstream 1 - Action, Learning and Education

The aim of the Action Learning and Education work stream is to inspire and empower members of the kidney care community to take action for sustainability. Building on previous successes we will apply a two-pronged approach:

  • creating a community of practice and support via the Sustainable Kidney Care Network Sustainable Kidney Care | CSH Networks (

  • equipping staff through education and training to improve sustainability of their services through signposting/developing training for different staff groups and integrating into existing curricula and training

The multidisciplinary group includes members from a wide range of kidney care professions spanning teams from South East England through to Scotland and Wales. Anyone interested in joining please contact Dr Frances Mortimer, Medical Director, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare  

Workstream leads:

Frances Mortimer              The Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Mark Harber                      Consultant Nephrologist, Royal Free


Stephen Palmer                Renal technologist, York Hospital

Eleanor Murray                 Clinical Research Fellow, Glasgow

Emily Horwill                     Renal pharmacist, Sandwell & West Birmingham

Nina Brown                       Consultant Nephrologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Salford Royal Foundation Trust

Rosa Montero                   Consultant Nephrologist, St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

John Stoves                       Consultant in Nephrology and General Medicine and Renal Clinical Lead
                                           Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Catherine Floyd                Clinical Specialties Lead, Centre Sustainable Healthcare

Rona Hutton                     Renal Practice Development Nurse, Scotland

Jessica Notzing                 Intensive Care and Renal Trainee, Wales

Ali Lawrence                      Patient Ambassador


Workstream 2 - Procurement, Infrastructure and Innovation

This workstream is the key interface with the wider supply chain where the bulk of kidney care carbon emissions, reside. Our partnership with the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition, ECOQUIP+ and the Association of Renal Industries aims to harness the power of collaborative procurement to drive sustainable innovation. Our first target is the high impact pathway of in-centre haemodialysis for which we will develop a procurement toolkit. Our industry liaison group will provide the forum for regular conversations between the renal community and industry.

Workstream lead:

Suren Kanagasundaram                 Consultant Nephrologist, Newcastle Hospitals


Fiona Adshead                                 Chair, Sustainable Healthcare Coalition

Nicole Fletcher                                 Sustainable Procurement Lead, NHS England

Steph Holmes-Fletcher                    Senior Category Tower Manager, Supply Chain Coordination Limited

Gill Manning                                     Chair, Association of Renal Industries

Keith Moore                                      Programme coordinator, Sustainable Healthcare Coalition

Chris Stait                                         Patient representative

Gaynor Whyles                                 Director, Jera Consulting, Ltd     

Vacant                                               MHRA representative

Vacant                                               AHSN representative


Workstream 3 - Sustainable Care Pathways

This workstream looks at reshaping pathways for a more sustainable future. Our membership includes representatives from the renal technologist community, kidney patients, nursing, pharmacy, dietetic and medical backgrounds, as well as Greener NHS.

Our first focus is to look at haemodialysis given that it has high consumption of power & water and generates a lot of waste. We are developing a national reporting system that will allow us to benchmark the environmental impacts of UK kidney care in a way that has not been done before. This will help us understand what best practice looks like and help us in our discussions with industry and the supply chain.

Membership: Mark Wright, Shazia Adalat, Andrew Connor, Manraj Phull, Stephen Palmer, Mark Lambie, Chris Stait.


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

Available here

23rd Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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