Statement on the death of Queen Elizabeth II

We are deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Her devoted leadership as our head of state has been a cornerstone of our lives and her loss will be deeply felt by UKKA members, our families, friends, the patients we care for, and many millions in the UK and around the world.

Queen Elizabeth demonstrated unflinching resilience in adversity, an extraordinary work ethic, and a profound sense of duty. She represented the best that we can be through qualities that transcend and unify irrespective of individual belief and philosophy.

Many of us will grieve her passing as that of a close family member or friend. As we take time to reflect on her extraordinary life and times we should look out for each other and feel able to speak openly about how we feel and what her passing means to us.

We are going to close non-essential UKKA communication for this period. Please do reach out through the secretariat or to any of the leadership group if there is anything you need from us.


Paul Cockwell & Sharlene Greenwood

UKKA Presidents 


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