Reimbursement of additional utility costs for patients receiving home dialysis  

The UKKA Kidney Patient Safety Committee is pleased to announce the release of a tool kit to reimburse additional utility costs for home dialysis.

The UKKA Kidney Patient Safety Committee is pleased to announce the release of a toolkit to support reimbursement of additional utility costs for home dialysis in England and Wales. It includes recommendations for practice, a patient assessment form, and a reimbursement calculator.

The recommendations outline provider responsibilities (NHS Trusts/Health Boards) for capital costs of home adaptation and reimbursement of utility costs for home dialysis. This includes remote monitoring, electricity, water, and sewage costs due to haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis treatments and associated equipment.

The renal unit responsible for dialysis provision within the NHS Trust/Health Board will carry out a suitability assessment for home dialysis. This will involve members of the renal multi-disciplinary team e.g. renal technologist and home dialysis nurse visiting the property and discussing options and logistics e.g. storage, water and electricity supply.

Payment of the national tariff to the patient’s usual dialysis provider is expected to meet these costs as per NHS England Haemodialysis to treat established renal failure performed in a patient's home service specification. Changes in fuel costs will need to be reviewed quarterly and attention paid to increasing charges and price caps. 

For full information on reimbursements, council tax reductions, under-occupancy charges and insurance read the full recommendations for practice outlining responsibilities of NHS Trusts/Health boards documentation. 



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