Guidance on shingles vaccination

The British Transplantation Society and the UK Kidney Association have issued an updated guideline for shingles vaccination, broadening the scope of protection for vulnerable patients. Here's what you need to know:

Expanded Eligibility

  1. Age Recommendations: Individuals aged 60-79 are advised to pursue Shingrix® shingles vaccination, as per the revised guidelines.

  2. Immunosuppression Focus: Priority extends to those aged 50 and above facing severe immunosuppression, including transplant candidates and specific therapy-requiring patients.

Preventative Measures and Referral Protocol

  • Pre-Vaccination Guidance: Patients anticipating immunosuppressive treatment, like transplant waitlisted individuals, are recommended to seek vaccination a month prior to treatment initiation.

  • Referral Process: Secondary care clinicians should refer vulnerable patients, especially those expecting immunosuppression, to local vaccine providers for timely shingles vaccination.

Key Considerations and Conclusion

These updated guidelines underscore a proactive stance on shingles prevention, emphasising the safeguarding of vulnerable groups.

The recommendations signify a vital step in reducing shingles-related risks among high-risk populations, backed by the British Transplantation Society and the UK Kidney Association.


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