COVID-19 booster vaccination

While the uptake of three primary vaccinations for patients with kidney disease has been excellent, there appears to be a deficit in booster vaccination. Data published by OPENSafely shows that only 61% of eligible patients with CKD have received a fourth vaccination. This is of major concern as we approach a further wave of COVID-19.

Booster vaccination maximises immunity for patients CKD and other high-risk conditions, reducing the risk of infection and decreasing the severity of infection from COVID-19. Immunity against COVID-19 after a vaccination course declines with time as evidenced by an increasing number of infections.  Booster doses save lives.

Those eligible for boosters are:

  • Heavily immunosuppressed individuals, including kidney transplants, who have received a third primary dose at an interval of 3 months, and a second booster (fifth) dose 3 months later.

  • From February 2022, individuals  >75 years of age, care home residents, or immunosuppressed become eligible for a fourth dose having received a 2-dose primary course followed by a booster.

The detailed explanation and criteria for this can be read on page 28, chapter 14a of the Green Book.

Please do all you can to ensure eligible patients in your catchment area have been advised on the benefits of booster vaccination and know how to access one.

Thank you for all you are doing to care for patients with kidney disease.


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