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Guidance Amid Rising Measles Cases

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Posted: 6th June 2024

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Joint letter calls on three main political party leaders to prioritise rehabilitation services

Renal Association News
Posted: 22nd May 2024

In the run-up to the general election, the UKKA has joined 35 charities in signing a C

Human Tissue Act 2004 (Supply of Information about Transplants) Regulations 2024

Renal Association News
Posted: 18th April 2024

This change in legislation currently applies to England, Northern Ireland and Wales and parallel legislation is being developed in Scotland.

UKKA Update on Discussions Surrounding Physician Associates

Renal Association News
Posted: 18th March 2024

This update is for all UKKA members but is particularly relevant to Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

Urgent Need for Rare Disease Treatments to Combat Kidney Failure

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Posted: 14th March 2024

Focusing on rare conditions could significantly reduce the burden of kidney disease on both patients and the NHS, according to a major new study le


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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25th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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2022 UKRR AKI Report

A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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