3rd Annual Report - data to 31/12/1999


Chapter 1 - Summary of the year 2000 report on data from 1999
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the 2000 report
Chapter 3 - The 1999 UK Renal Survey - adult patient numbers, renal unit facilities and processes of care
Chapter 4 - New adult patients starting RRT in 1999
Chapter 5 - All patients receiving RRT in 1999
Chapter 6 - Adequacy of HD (urea reduction ratio)
Chapter 7 - Haemoglobin and related variables
Chapter 8 - Serum calcium, phosphate and parathyroid hormone
Chapter 9 - Serum albumin and serum bicarbonate
Chapter 10 - Factors which may influence cardiovascular disease – blood pressure and serum cholesterol
Chapter 11 - Renal transplantation
Chapter 12 - Co-morbidity of new patients
Chapter 13 - Performance against Renal Association standards
Chapter 14 - International comparisons with UKRR data
Chapter 15 - Report of the Paediatric Renal Registry
Chapter 16 - Survival of patients on dialysis
Chapter 17 - Survival on RRT: associations with albumin, urea reduction ratio and phosphate
Chapter 18 - Survival in dialysis patients: associations with haemoglobin achieved and blood pressure control
Chapter 19 - The influence of socio-economic deprivation on survival of prevalent dialysis patients
Chapter 20 - Transplantation and waiting lists
Chapter 21 - NHS purchasing & supply agency - equipment supplied for RRT in England
Chapter 22 - Diabetes, measurement of glycated haemoglobin and data from the Diabetic Registry
Chapter 23 - The next steps
Appendix A - The Renal Registry rationale
Appendix B - Definition, statistical methodology, analysis criteria
Appendix C - Renal services described for non-physicians
Appendix D - Data tables


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