Raine Award

The Raine Award is a prestigious annual award made to a junior investigator who has not reached consultant grade, or senior lecturer for non-clinical scientists, and who has made a significant contribution to renal research.


1996 Steven Harper - Immunopathogenesis of IgA nephropathy

1997 Nigel Brunskill - Pathogenic implications of proteinuria

1998 Albert Ong - Polycystic kidney disease

1999 David Kluth - Inflammatory mechanisms of glomerular injury

2000 Alice Allen - Pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy

2001 Coralie Bingham - Definition of the Renal Cysts and Diabetes Syndrome

2002 Sally Feather - Genetic basis of foetal malformations of the kidney and urinary tract

2003 Helen Lachman - Amyloidosis

2004 Jeremy Duffield - The role of macrophages in renal inflammation

2005 Anna Richards - Atypical HUS

2006 Menna Clatworthy - Immune inhibition

2007 John Sayer - Molecular genetics of nephronophthisis

2008 Bryan Conway - Finding genes for diabetic kidney disease

2009 David Kavanagh - The pathogenesis of haemolytic uraemic syndrome

2010 Andy Salmon - Regulation of glomerular permeability

2011 Daniel Gale - Gene hunting in the Renal Unit

2012 Amy Jayne McKnight - Unravelling heritable complexities for CKD

2013 Andrew Hall - Power cuts in the proximal tubule: mitochondria, antiretrovirals & the renal Fanconi syndrome

2014 Thomas Hiemstra - Waste not. The business of urine exosomes

2015 James Fotheringham - Long breaks and disappearing PD catheters: lessons from linking UK Renal Registry data

2016 Eoin Mckinney - Better off sick and tired: T cell exhaustion and outcome in autoimmune disease

2017 Edwin Wong - Complement-mediated renal disease

2018 Pippa Bailey - Understanding socioeconomic inequity in living-donor kidney transplantation

2019 Alex Hamilton - The psychosocial health of young adults on renal replacement therapy

2020 Matthew Graham-Brown (rolled over to UKKW 2021 due to the pandemic)


2022 Jennifer Lees - CKD, cardiovascular disease and cancer: the scenic route

2023 Melanie Chan - Genomic insights into urinary tract malformations: moving beyond monogenic inheritance

2024 Benjamin Stewart - Mapping immunity in the human kidney with single cell genomics


Representatives from the UKKA will consider the applications and the winner will be announced annually. 

To apply please provide:

  • a concise letter of support from a Nephrology Consultant or Unit Head
  • a short letter explaining why the applicant considers that they should receive this award
  • a mini-CV (no longer than two A4 sides) highlighting relevant publications, the date the applicant joined the Renal Association/UKKA and current state of membership
  • a list of presentations made at UKKA meetings

Please provide the documents in PDF format and the UKKA Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of applications.

The award of £300 is only available to members of the UKKA. 


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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