How the HLA service informs kidney transplantation

Dr David Briggs and Clare Collins of NHS Blood and Transplant will explore the role of HLA services in transplantation in this symposium with Transplant Links Community. This will provide a background understanding of the science behind the need for an HLA service and how this service informs transplantation and the decisions involved in both the living and deceased donor pathways. The symposium will be chaired by Dr. Graham Lipkin, Consultant Nephrologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and former President of the Renal Association.
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December 7th, 2022 from  1:00 PM to  2:00 PM


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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24th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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