Training overview

In the UK, the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health is responsible for paediatric training.

Paediatric trainees may wish to apply for sub-specialty training in paediatric nephrology through the national competitive GRID training programme. Alternatively, a trainee may wish to develop a special interest in paediatric nephrology (SPIN).

This diagram highlights the current training pathway for paediatric trainees, from recruitment to completion of training:


GRID training (Paediatric Nephrology):

Paediatric nephrology is one of the 17 sub-specialty GRID training programmes offered to trainees. GRID training refers to the national competitive process by which trainees apply for sub-specialty training. Completion of GRID training usually takes 2-3 years and enables a paediatrician to be added to the specialist register with the General Medical Council.

Further information on applying for sub-specialty training can be found here.


Specialist Interest (SPIN) modules:

Trainees who wish to develop an interest in paediatric nephrology are encouraged to sign up to a specialist interest where eligible. SPIN modules provide additional experience and training within paediatric nephrology which enables a paediatrician to act as a local lead within their hospital. SPIN modules do not carry additional certification on the GMC register.

Further information on applying for SPIN modules can be found here.


Nephrology fellows:

Fellowships in one of our centres may be available for doctors trained from within or outside the UK. These are usually advertised on or Trust webpages when positions become available.

The BAPN will also advertise upcoming posts in the monthly BAPN Newsletter.


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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