Renal Reference Texts

Renal Drug Handbook Fifth Edition (Written By The UK RPG)

ISBN-10 9781138624511 ISBN-13 978-1138624511
Authors: Caroline Ashley and Aileen Dunleavy

A universally-trusted resource, this edition of The Renal Drug Handbook contains over 800 drug monographs comprising prescribing information for clinical and medicines information pharmacists.

This invaluable guide, endorsed by the UKMi and reflecting the extensive experience of the UK Renal Pharmacy Group, features drug monographs guiding physicians in how to prescribe, prepare, and administer drugs to patients with different levels of kidney function and when undergoing renal replacement therapy. It has been fully updated for this fifth edition to include up to 100 additional drugs, while maintaining the clear structure and format that is easy to use and simple to follow in the busy clinical setting. It continues to offer support and guidance to health care professionals enabling them to prescribe medications to their renal patients appropriately and safely.

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Drug Prescribing In Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines For Adults, Fifth Edition

ISBN-10: 1930513763 ISBN-13: 978-1930513761
Author: George Aronoff

Uremia affects every organ system and every aspect of drug disposition by the body. Because the kidney is the major regulator of the internal fluid environment, the physiologic changes associated with renal disease have pronounced effects on the pharmacology of many drugs. Containing information on over 450 drugs, the fifth edition of "Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure" is the most extensive collection of drug-dosing information ever published for patients with impaired renal function. Factors for determining drug dosage are given in easy-to-read tables. This edition contains additional recommendations for supplemental drug dosing during renal replacement therapies and an expanded section on antimicrobial agents that includes many new antiviral agents used in the treatment of HIV infection. "Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure" is a comprehensive guide to understanding the biochemical and physiologic effects of drugs in patients with renal disease.

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Introduction To Renal Therapeutics

ISBN-10: 0853696888 ISBN-13: 978-0853696889
Authors: Caroline Ashley and Clare Morlidge

This work gives an introduction to all aspects of drug use in renal failure. "Introduction to Renal Therapeutics" is an introduction to all aspects of drug use in renal failure. Covering various diseases affecting the kidneys, each chapter discusses the disease process and treatment. It also addresses the role of the pharmacist in patient care. Case studies and questions and answers are included at the end of each chapter. Written by members of the UK Renal Pharmacy Group, this book will be of particular interest to anyone new to, or planning a career in, renal pharmacy. It will also be of interest to nonspecialists who deal with renal patients and to pharmacy students, and to any healthcare professional with an interest in renal medicine.

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Understanding Kidney Diseases

ISBN-10: ‎303043026X  ISBN-13: ‎978-3030430269
Author: Hugh C. Rayner, Mark E. Thomas, David V. Milford 

This book combines the reference material of a nephrology textbook with the everyday relevance of a clinical handbook. This second edition develops and expands upon the success of the first. All the content has been updated and entirely new chapters on acid-base disorders and stone disease have been added.

Understanding Kidney Diseases includes over 60 real-life case studies and is illustrated with over 200 figures.

Readers can test their knowledge with a bank of multiple-choice questions and put it into practice by answering questions that patients frequently ask.

The book provides all that students, residents and fellows need in order to approach a patient with a kidney problem with confidence.

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Advanced Renal Care

ISBN: 1-40510-933-5
Author: Nicola Thomas

Individuals with renal disease require continuing support and care throughout their lives from renal nurses and other members of the inter-professional renal team. Advanced Renal Care is for all those who work in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation as it addresses current challenges in caring for those with renal failure, and examines recent trends and likely future developments. The book also explores key issues in staff recruitment and development. It goes beyond the basic texts on renal care by discussing topical issues such as anaemia management, care of older people on dialysis, diabetes and renal failure, infection control and sexual dysfunction in renal disease.

Handbook Of Dialysis

ISBN: 0-31617-381-9
Author: John T Daugirdas

The thoroughly revised and updated Third Edition of this popular handbook provides practical and accessible information on all aspects of dialysis. The section on hemodialysis features expanded chapters on physiologic principles, acute hemodialysis, urea kinetic modeling, and vascular access, while the section on peritoneal dialysis has been extensively reworked by a new editor and now includes two new chapters. Clinical discussions include frequent references to the USA's National Kidney Foundation's Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative (DOQI) guidelines. Each chapter provides references to relevant websites.

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Handbook Of Kidney Transplantation

Author: Gabriel M. Danovitch

Now in its updated Fourth Edition, this popular handbook is a practical guide for physicians and surgeons who manage kidney transplant patients and for nurses and other professionals on the transplant team. In concise, readable, well-illustrated chapters, the book outlines the major concerns surrounding renal transplantation and the most successful approaches to problems arising in short-term and long-term patient care. Chapters on surgery, histocompatibility, and the first two months post-transplant have also been thoroughly updated. FEATURES: Market-leading reference on kidney transplantation. Offers the latest on donor-specific tolerance, xenotransplantation, transplant immunosuppression, and chronic allograft failure User-friendly format Current references NEW TO THIS EDITION: Immunobiology and immunosuppression chapters have been completely rewritten to reflect recent advance.

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NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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25th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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2022 UKRR AKI Report

A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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