Royal Society of Medicine Nephrology Meeting

Attend this meeting for a comprehensive update on the clinical management of genetic and inherited kidney diseases, including cystic and basement membrane disorderspodocytopathies and tubulopathies, in both children and adults.

We will review the evolution of new genomic methodologies, including how they are informing our knowledge of kidney disease pathogenesis and outcomes, and their potential impact on patient care in the future.

Aims of the event include:

  • To describe recent developments in the management of inherited kidney diseases
  • To consider the present and future impacts of novel genomic approaches in nephrology
  • To explore the development of local and national genetic services in the NHS

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December 8th, 2022 from  9:00 AM to  5:00 PM


NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines 

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25th Annual Report

Analyses about the care provided to patients at UK renal centres.

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A report on the nationwide collection of AKI warning test scores. 

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